About Us

WOMEN TORCH is a non-profit organization that was established in 17th August, 2013. Its vision, Mission and Objective are:
   Our Vision 
We envision a completely transformed society looking upon women as equal partners in all aspects of socio-economic life, whereby women prosperity shall no longer be a unique story of surprise and astonishment.
   Our Mission
Our mission is to empower women to stand on their feet   through capacity building, sensitization, increasing awareness and establishing of mechanisms to deal with issues like political representation, healthcare and HIV/AIDS, Combating of gender-Based Violence, promoting human rights, and access to education and productive resources.
    The objects for which the Organization has been formed are:
·         To work toward eliminating gender-based violence and promoting human rights for women and young women at the grassroots through capacity building, advocacy and communication to the community.
·         To catalyze the formation of grassroots women’s solidarity groups with the aim of broadening women’s scope to pursue their rights.
·         To promote primary health care and educate advise, counsel and guide women on medical and health matters particular on HIV/AIDS and Malaria by enduring awareness campaign to women and young women.
·         To ensure that women and young women have access to appropriate forms of expression to articulate their needs, interests and concerns through sensitizing the community at the grassroots on gender equality.
·         To identify and address the critical needs of women in the economy like access to the agricultural services, access to productive resources, access to market and to formalize their own enterprise.
·         To promote women’s awareness of the causes and consequences of climate change in order to sensitize women to the dangers of climate change and to the mechanisms of adaptation at the grassroots.

·         Educating and training women voters on their electoral rights to improve their understanding of voting procedures and highlight on laws that shall help remove barriers over their democratic rights to voice their concerns as women.

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